Our story

Recog.ai’s story has begun with a research and development grant to create a wearable 360 degree camera solution that could be used in multiple industries. 

Now our duty is to consult our potential clients to identify implementation opportunities of our current machine vision portfolio or to develop costum AI solutions.   


Our mission is to reach higher efficiency at our Clients’ operation processes by delivering the most effective AI machine vision solutions



Máté Hegedűs

CEO and AI Dev.

Máté has knowledge on custom computer vision solution development - dataset validation, training and testing new AI models. He also has 9+ years experience in company management and financials.

AI Agents


Gun and knife detection specialist

Charlie is responsible to surveil CCTVs and wearable cameras to detect guns and knives 24/7. Given his ability to make these detections under 1 second His ultimate mission is to maintain security and peace.


Aerial object detection trainee

Currently Anna is in training to get prepared for specific aerial footage analytics, signposts recognition and road quality detection.


Medical diagnostics trainee 

Bernard is under heavy shaping to get ready for medical diagnostics. His main duty will be to detect and recognize diseases under the microscope.