Littering detection

Littering detection for quick collection and fasten recycling of local waste. The solution can make a significant contribution to making cities cleaner and healthier.

Proof-of-Concept video
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Trashbag detection
Papetwaste detection
Trashpile detection

AI Agent:


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Development status: Ready

How it works?

Data sources

Traditional - already installed - cameras can be easily connected to Recog.AI with an RTSP stream. In this case, the machine vision models run on a server

Traditional cameras


Our computer vision camera allows recognition models to run on the edge camera hardware, so it does not require additional AI server capacity

Post-processing drone recordings, or even running machine vision models in the cloud in the case of a live stream


Machine vision-based regular evaluation of high-resolution satellite images

Camera management

RTSP stream based integration of traditional IP cameras

Recog.AI camera integration

Easy installation / activation of computer vision models on camera streams

Camera operation

Camera live feeds

AI triggered alarm events: weapons, trash, others based on client needs

Camera and alarm maps

Reporting and statistics


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