AI camera system
to enhance and automate
complex operation processes

We provide customized camera solutions by connecting multiple data sources and AI models for different industries and use-cases.

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Vision platform

Easily connect already installed indoor or outdoor cameras, drone feeds, and satellite images to our platform and streamline your dialy operations with our computer vision models.

unified platform

One platform for all vision services

Recog.AI’s camera platform streamlines your operational and security processes.

Camera management

Easily add and manage cameras, place them on a map, floor plan, and view live video streams

AI Vision

Select already trained AI’s or apply your computer vision solution based on business needs


Automated alarms by detection type. Review and replay events and delegate tasks


Review alert statistics and implement time, location, and event-based queries


Clear view of the location and status of the cameras, while also showing current recognition events

computer vision

Use cases

Easily monitor your cameras for building operationbuilding operationcitymanufacturingagriculture

Faster daily operations and securtiy with alerts, statistics and use-case specific AI solutions


citybuilding operation
Face and full-body anonymization can be used to monitor areas where privacy compliance is paramount

With the increasing capabilities of facial recognition technologies, public video data collection comes with great risks without face redactions.


Why Recog.AI

Easily connect already installed outdoor cameras, drone recordings, and satellite images to the platform and run custom computer vision models.


Our platform can be installed on closed networks with unique authentication solutions.


Reduce privacy related risks and meet compliance requirements by using anonymizing algorithms in live streams.


Adapt to new use-cases by using models from our computer vision library or by contacting us to train a new model for your needs.


Apply general computer vision models or niche solutions to solve complex operation problems accurately.


Manage your daily processes and detection events with alerts, statistics and notification modules.


Connect your already installed indoor or outdoor cameras, drone recordings, and satellite images to the platform and run custom computer vision models.

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